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Madeleine Floyd

Madeleine Floyd was born in 1969 and is one of Britain's best loved illustrators and painters. She is best known for her drawings of animals and people that combine a timeless sensitivity with a gentle humour.

Madeline has an unusually broad talent, minimalist line drawings hang beside evocative watercolours of nudes and still lives whilst oil paintings take their place between large strong abstracts. The common thread is Madeleine's personality and a world of enchantment that is rare in the world today.Madeleine paints, draws, writes and illustrates. This versatility allows Madeleine to produce hugely successful exhibitions, write and illustrate her own books and undertake commissioned work for corporate clients simultaneously.

Madeleine studied at Chelsea and Camberwell Colleges of Art and more recently at the Prince of Wales Drawing Studio.

Madeleine's artwork is available as limited edition prints.

Please visit our trade showroom in Banbury or call Alison on 01295 270580 for further information. Alternatively please browse our store location to find your near stockist.

Madeleine Floyd
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